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Jason "Slick" Barreca

Audio Originals is born

Well we're finally in business, literally. Audio Originals is up and running and looking to grow. this site shows some of my more recent work, with much more in the near future. I encourage comments and questions, as I can't get enough of talking about car audio, mainly fabrication, I love to build stuff!

My Truck

The shop now has two demo vehicles. I still have my 2000 Ranger and I now have a 97' Probe GTS. Many pictures can be seen on the pages that follow, just follow the links up above. The truck system is moving along, the kicks are now nearly complete, same with the roof, I just need time to finish some trim panels here and there. The Probe has been the big project as of late. Stage one is now complete with pictures on the Project Probe pages. Many more ideas in mind for this little toy, to many to list so keep checking back!!

More to come, I promise!

Keep and eye on this site, it will be updated often, as I have several guys lined up who want me to do stuff for them (and it will be cool stuff, I don't do "fuzzy boxes" and 6x9's).

Keep checking back!

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